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Craig Strong

Craig Strong is an award winning product and innovation expert, with over 20 years experience leading products, innovation and transforming businesses for growth and agility. Craig is an Advisor and Consultant to companies across the globe, who wish to transform and modernise their product operating-models to drive growth and innovation. His portfolio includes global enterprises and growth based scale-ups . He also co-authored The Lean Product Lifecycle, an award winning framework for corporate innovation and innovation culture.


Experience & Skills

Craig is an industry leader in the following areas and has worked across the listed industry's


  • Product Strategy & Mgmt

  • Technology Strategy & Mgmt

  • Innovation

  • Portfolio Mgmt

  • Product Lifecycle Mgmt

  • Cloud Computing 

  • Product Operating-Models

  • Product Taxonomy's

  • Digital Transformation

  • Scaling & Growth

  • Digital Transformation

  • Change Mgmt

  • Lean & Agile

  • Investment Strategies


  • Global and regional team mgmt

  • Strategy formation and deployment

  • Forming, optimising and scaling product teams (Engineering, QA, UX, R&D,Product, Content & Services)

  • Professional Services

  • Exec sponsorship/engagement

  • Stakeholder mgmt

  • Business model development 

  • Commercial/Tech & Ops

  • People management

  • Transformation/Change Mgmt

  • OKR's/KPI's

  • Governance 


  • Media & Streaming

  • Financial Services


  • Proptech

  • IT & Cloud 

  • Travel

  • Financial Reporting/Planning

  • Data/Analytics

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail

  • Insurance

  • Startups/Scaleups & Enterprises​​

How I Can Support You



I can provide specific strategic support and help you operate and scale your business. This can be through scheduled days per month, a board role or senior mgmt advisory as well as non-exec director roles. 



I can target specific problems and work with you to transform and implement your business, product and tech strategy, operating model and more. This can be delivered through outcome based deliverables and programs. I can also support you with 3rd parties.


Interim CPO / CTO

As an experienced Product and Tech leader, I can support you through transitions by undertaking   interim roles. This can be very beneficial to scale or transform with speed and stability and, being embedded into operations I can help identify the skills you need to succeed.

Screenshot 2022-10-20 at 14.23.08.png

The Lean Product Lifecycle

The Lean Product Lifecycle is a playbook that provides frameworks, methods and tools to develop innovative new products and business models, while managing your core portfolio.


Follow the 6 key phases of a product’s life - idea, explore, validate, grow, sustain and retire – and discover how to develop products according to their life stage and ensure the right investment for each.. For each stage there is a step-by-step guide of product development best practices using examples and case studies from several companies and start-ups.


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Phil Blades 

Board/Exec Advisor

Craig and I served on the executive team at Insight Software. During that time I have watched Craig transform both the product and the software engineering team into a highly productive world class team. His clarity of vision, expertise and calm determination to succeed regardless of internal and external challenges make him one of my favorite CTPO's I have worked with ever. The successful sale of Insight Sotftware is in no small part thanks to Craig and all his hard work.

Tendayi Viki 

Partner at Strategyzer

"Working with Craig has been one of the best experiences I have had in my career. Craig is world-class leader and colleague. One of the most productive periods in my career has been my collaborative relationship with him as we have worked on Pearson's Global Product Lifecycle. One of the few people I would work with again and again."

Jeff Sweetman
Exec Partner - Gartner

"Working with Craig was a great experinece and provided me with insights and learning on an almost daily basis. Craig's passion for agile and customer centric product visioning, development and adoption are infectious. Couple that with his top class leadership and team management skills and you have an exceptional Technology Executive. I would highly recommend Craig as a great addition to any Company that is looking to make a difference."

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